protective & moisturizing collection by proraso

Italian tradition…

by Christian Lavery

One look at an Italian fellow and it becomes quite apparent: those who reside in the Southern European country know a thing or two about looking sharp. It goes beyond the finely tailored garments they adorn, though. We’re talking grooming rituals. And for over 65 years the Italians have turned to none other than Proraso.

With a long heritage dedicated to supplying Italian barbers with quality shaving products, the brand is introducing its latest collection. Made up of a shaving cream as well as an after-shave balm, the duo work harmoniously to provide close and comfortable shaves.

The shaving cream acts as rich-lathering solution formulated with extra-hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E that preps the skin for the razor. Once the shave is complete, the balm keeps skin soft and protected, moisturizing and toning your face.

Available at C.O Bigelow, you can purchase both products HERE.