louboutin makes an iphone app.

by jazzi mcgilbert

Faster than Faran could say "Christian Louboutin just came out with an iPhone app," we'd booked it to the app store and started flicking through a dizzying array of red soles. >> here's what's on our iPods to go with that Since you can't stamp Louboutins into your Instagram photos nor click-to-buy, we'll have to ask Siri how exactly this app could be useful in day to day life, but it's definitely more functional than teetering in actual 6-inch Loubs and totally appeals to our inner pretty pretty princess. Plus, unlike the IRL footwear, the app is free. What you can do is: swipe through the new collections and 20th anniversary sketches, play virtual mix-and-match (a la Cher Horowitz) and save a wishlist to share with friends. Check out the app yourself and let us know if you'll pass or play dress up? Louboutin the app is available now (for iPhone & iPad) in the App Store.