PWR BTTM Lives A Teen Angst Fantasy In “Answer My Text” Video

Dating is draining

It's not hard to find a date these days. It's hard to find someone who actually follows through and is, frankly, a decent human capable of empathy. One moment, you're happily making plans for dinner and a movie and the next, you're staring at your messaging app wondering what the hell is causing this person to go silent on you. Immediacy will be our collective romantic downfall.

PWR BTTM wastes no time in indulging the angst and anxiety that comes with modern-day courting rituals in their new song, "Answer My Text." Liv Bruce rattles off scenarios all too familiar to anyone who has dipped their feet in the dating pool: the nerves of getting a number, the neuroses of waiting however long to actually say something (because coming off too eager is so... oh, who knows), and then the inevitable counting of the minutes (or seconds!) until they respond. Existential hotline bling, what up?

Today, Bruce and his bandmate, Ben Hopkins, bring the whole spectacle to life with a new H.S. Naji-directed video. Bruce goes from antsy teen idle in their bedroom to more fantastical situations involving duct tape and a truly iconic bubblewrap gown. (Hey, PWR BTTM aren't calling their sophomore album Pageant for nothin'.) It's a minor anxious episode wrapped in pink and neon. If only reality could follow suit.

Pageant drops May 12 via Polyvinyl records.