This Instagram-Turned-Book Captures The 20-Something Struggle

    ‘Quarter Life Poetry’

    by · March 30, 2016

    photo courtesy of Samantha Jayne / Quarter Life Poetry

    From Girls to Broad City to Love, it would seem as if there’s an oversaturation of stories about the present-day 20-something struggle. And yet, even though the concept of the clichéd “shiny, spoiled millennial” has grown old, it still holds its ground time and time again, in both entertainment and real life. Because although many don’t want to admit it, everybody deals with doubts, insecurities, and bad relationships in early adulthood, and laughing at it together makes it all feel a bit more tolerable.

    With this concept in mind, Samantha Jayne has not only built a brand but a community. Over a year ago, Jayne launched the now-popular Instagram and Tumblr account, Quarter Life Poetry, to share her musings about $6 mocha frappes and roommate conflicts. “I started it as a way to connect with other people in their 20s about how they were feeling,” Jayne says. “You go on Instagram and you see all those shiny happy people having fun, and then you go and get drinks with them and realize there’s such a big disconnect between what they’re putting out there and what they’re feeling. I like to find little truths and make jokes. It makes life easier, and is a really fun way to use Instagram, which is so often used for putting out a glossy, fake, curated version of your life, to connect with people.”

    Now, with a following of 80.5K, Jayne is releasing her own book, available April 1. Filled with four-line anecdotes about everything from bank account woes to pubic hair and fuck buddies, Quarter Life Poetry is exactly the type of book you’d pick up at Urban Outfitters and actually feel compelled to buy.

    Check out our interview with Jayne below, and check out the hilarious Quarter Life Poetry miniseries she put together here.

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