Mavi Phoenix Does Not Stay “Quiet” In New Video

Watch the video from this Austrian artist

International musician Mavi Phoenix is putting Austria on the map. As a symbol for the new genre of urban-rap-instilled-pop-rock, the video for “Quiet” is a visual representation of rebellious harmony. 

After receiving an old Macbook from her father at age 11, the budding young artist began making her own beats, playing guitar, and even learning English to be able to write her raps in the relatively unknown world of Austrian hip-hop. The energy of her music is infused with the exuberance of artists like David Bowie and Queens of the Stone Age, whom she listened to while growing up.

Shot all in one day, Mavi had this to say about the video-making process:

The idea for the video came around quite naturally, really. The most important thing was to show me how I am. We just went with the flow and improvised a lot. The mosaic car, for instance, was found by coincidence and there is a ridiculous story of how we had to negotiate to be allowed to shoot in front of it.

There aren't many waiting for the next big Austrian artist to come around, but Mavi just gave us something to get excited about. Check out the video below.