quietcomfort 20 headphones by bose

Say no to noise…

by Christian Lavery

Noise cancelling headphones have pretty much become a necessity. But finding ones that aren’t big and bulky? Easier said and done. Fortunately for us all, Bose has been working to bless our ears with a product that goes far beyond providing only high quality sound.

Allowing for more music and less outside noise, the latest from Bose is the brand’s first in-ear noise canceling headphone. With revolutionary technology that puts you in complete control of your listening experience, the QuietComfort 20 packs big Bose sound into a discrete package. Block out any noise or listen on aware mode to let some of it in – and all the controls are right at your fingertips. An attached slider switch makes it easy to shift back and forth between each mode or answer calls for those unfortunate moments when music can’t be the only thing on your mind. Purchase a pair HERE.