Quigley Lost Again Music Video Premiere


If there’s a better feeling than being surprised by a song when it takes an unexpected turn, we’ve yet to find it. A lot of music these days is predictable, and Quigley’s is anything but. She’s got a knack for melodies that veer away from the conventional. It’s a playful sound that will surely be all over her debut EP Initium, when drops May 8.

“Lost Again” is a joyful introduction to the Minnesota native. Layers of electro-pop noises and synths build underneath Quigley’s whimsical vocals. “Growing up scares the shit out of me, and I often find that I need to remind myself that change is actually a pretty darn beautiful thing,” she told us over email. “That sentiment ended up being the central theme behind writing this song and making this video. It was a really self-soothing process, an introspective therapy of sorts.” It’s therapy for the eyes, too. Get lost in itbbelow.