Photographed by Kiran Gidda.


Rachel Foxx Finds Her Happy Place With “Make You Say”

“I was coming into a new time in my life, a new positive and stress-free time”

Rachel Foxx is done singing about her love woes. At least, she is for the time being. The U.K. singer's musical docket includes a selection of songs that center around heartbreak, triflin’ exes, and unworthy lovers—such is the territory that usually comes with R&B. She’s starting to break the chains of attachment—and subsequent sadness—with her newest single, “Make You Say.”

"I wrote 'Make You Say' when I was coming into a new time in my life, a new positive and stress-free time. It's the happiest I've been in a while,” Foxx tells us. “This song is different to my previous releases because it's a little more fun, up-tempo, and ruthless; I usually write about a lot of depressing stuff and lots of love-related stuff, but, for now, I'm great!" 

The feisty, breezy lyrics reiterate just that. “Don’t stress me, I’m not looking for something serious,” she sings, over a contagious beat. “Cause I’m not serious/ If I was serious, I wouldn’t be here right now.”  

“Make You Say” is the first single off of the 23-year-old’s much-anticipated sophomore EP Blue Moon due out in a couple of months. If influences like Sade and Aaliyah are any indication, her music will only get better with time. 

Get sexy with the song ahead.