Watch Rachel Trachtenburg Woo Us In This Exclusive Studio Session

And make a plea for whales

Rachel Trachtenburg really, really cares about whales, and you probably should, too. The musician, actress, model, and activist recently took some time out of her busy day to let us hang out with her band Wooing and play their latest single, "Tear World." As you'll see in the video, the 23-year-old goes into detail about the track and how it's inspired by all the gnarly stuff that goes on at Sea World. 

If you haven't seen Blackfish on Netflix yet, you'll have to go grab a box of tissues and stream it after this. Trachtenburg watched it and was especially overwhelmed by the way in which these beautiful sea creatures are mistreated for entertainment purposes. As she explains, the whales captured and taken to Sea World can't even find solace in each other's company. 

"The whales can't communicate with each other because they capture them from different parts of the ocean," she says. "The different colonies of whales have different frequencies that they communicate in."

Watch Trachtenburg reveal the emotions that went into "Tear World" in the video, above.