Radiohead Announces Awesome New Album, Releases Awesome New Video

Radiohead fans are very happy people today

Time to polish up your best set of headphones, because Radiohead have done the expected and announced the release date of their anticipated new album. The record, which is still untitled, will be released digitally this Sunday at 2pm U.K. time, and physically on June 17. The announcement doesn't come as a surprise since just a few days ago the band released a claymation video for a new song called "Burn the Witch." What does come as a surprise is a second video that goes along with this announcement, for a new track called "Daydreaming."

The dreamlike clip was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood scores Anderson's films)  and features Radiohead's spectral frontman Thom Yorke wandering from room to room, opening doors into incongruous new worlds. Eventually, he finds himself in a wintery mountainscape, trudging through the snow. It's all very Radiohead-y, which is to say it is mesmerizing, mysterious, and pretty damn great. Check it out, above.