Rainbow Chan Will Steal Your Heart With Her Alt-Pop Gems

Dance like nobody’s watching

Alt-pop makes the world go round, but you haven't heard anything like Rainbow Chan. Based in Sydney, Australia by way of Hong Kong, this emerging artist has an eye and ear for unexpected matchings. Classically trained in saxophone, piano, and choral singing, Chan's diverse musical background contributes to her unique sound.

Her latest music video for "Pearled Into" is another minimal production piece that certainly embodies the phrase "dance like nobody's watching." The Ellie Graham-directed visual focuses on Chan as she dances by herself in an all-white room. Dressed in all black with a subtle pop of color from her pastel pink sneakers, her body flows into the intricate movements choreographed by Amrita Hepi. 

"We wanted to play around with the idea of space, using a minimal palette to create an atemporal and disorienting environment," Chan said. "The dance explores movement, rhythm, and gestures that suggest strength in vulnerability. 'Pearled Into' is my favourite track on the album as I've never poured so much of my heart into a song before."

The soulful tune is about suffering from heartache while going through the process of picking up the pieces and re-building yourself back up again. "Wear it with pride, girl/ Nothing can hurt you now/ The cost is only a memory/ And the cruel men/ Will have shattered your faith/ They will never know love like you will," she sings.

If you like what you see, listen to Rainbow Chan's debut album Spacings via Silo Arts & Records. Eat your heart out and watch the whole visual, below.