Rainy MIlo

get captivated by the teenage r&b rising star.

by liza darwin

Plenty of artists have the internet to thank as their pathway to success-- after all, it's tough to remember a time pre-Soundcloud--but for Rainy Milo, her relationship with the web is a little different. Since she was practically a kid the London-based singer and songwriter used


to showcase her ideas, images, and gifs to others. Instead of the music being the pathway to the internet, it was actually the other way around.

"I've had my Tumblr since about 2009, even before posting any music," the teenager told us over the phone this week. "It's been my own little personal collage for posting trainers, interior design, and bedrooms that I like." She's still filling her website with those things, but now you're more likely to find Milo's ultra-captivating gif videos for tracks like "Rats" or "Bout You" alongside photos of fresh white Nikes.

It's a medium she's owned since she first starting releasing visuals several years ago. "I've always looked at gifs online for Tumblr, so when I started to release music I used that as a source of inspiration," she explained. These abstract, artsy images are the perfect complement to Milo's smoky-smooth vocals, which meld R&B, pop, and retro-inflected melodies seamlessly.

Although making it as a musician was never intentional for Milo (she used to do plays as a kid, and recorded some of her debut EP in her friend's bedroom), she's finding it easier than ever to fuse all of her passions. "Music and Tumblr are alike in a lot of ways," she said. "When I was growing up it was a big deal for me to learn that you can mix sounds and make your own little things. Nothing is original, but when you blend things together, like in music or reposting stuff online, that's how you can make it unique." 

Listen to more Rainy Milo below.