Ralfy’s New Song Is One Sexually-Charged Innuendo

He’s “just too shy to say it”

As far as sexual innuendos go, the whole phone and charger one is pretty customary. (It's right up there with the plug and electrical socket.) However, when put to song, it becomes somewhat endearing? Well, yes, when British newcomer Ralfy is behind it.

His latest, "Charger," is a song about wanting to have sex with someone without being explicit. Co-written with RAYE, it's Ralfy's follow-up to the infectious "Bad Sex." (Is it just us, or is there a theme here?) 

In it, Ralfy, as the British say, takes the piss out of our collective aversion toward blunt admissions of desire. By using one of the most common metaphors out there, Ralfy subverts its cheesiness into something rather charming. The old-school hook of a chorus works in magical ways, amping up the song's giddiness and lending a timeless quality to the song similar to Fountains of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom." Ralfy wants to talk about sex, baby, and he'll do so with innuendo or not.