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for rihanna and river island’s fall collab.

by steff yotka

As avid crop top and double denim lovers, Rihanna's spring and summer collaborations with River Island are right up our alley. Since their releases this March and May respectively, we've been trying to come up with inventive ways to wear the collection year round, like pairing her '90s bustiers over white tees or wearing her short cut-offs with black tights. (Or taking inspiration from pretty much any look Gwen Stefani has ever worn.)

We don't need to do any more tough thinking, thankfully, because River Island just released a teaser video for Rihanna's fall line. Hide your wallets now. Seriously.

The video shows Rihanna in the River Island studio back in in February 2013 trying on and mulling over her designs. From the shearling sleeved varsity jackets to black stilettos to camo print everything, the collection solves the problem of dressing for cold weather without looking like a giant marshmallow.

Even RiRi wants to know when she can get her order. Hook us up once you know, girl.