‘Reasons I Don’t Have a Boyfriend’ Is Your New Favorite Web-Series

‘reasons i don’t have a boyfriend’

by ali hoffman

Webisodes are the fast food of the streaming world. The whole experience takes under five minutes, and if they're any good, we're always left wanting a little more.

For some potent stoner humor, there’s High Maintenance. When you don’t feel like eating alone, there’s Lunch With Stephen. And, for a little dose of wit from across the pond, Ackee & Saltfish gets our stamp of approval. 

But to satiate that need for an acerbic, anti-dating comedy, Reasons I Don’t Have A Boyfriend has you covered.

Created by and starring Molly McQueen and Caitlin Harris, the show centers on two best friends in L.A. struggling to navigate the dating world and failing epically. So far, the show’s released four episodes, each one focussing on a different “reason” these two stunners can’t bag a bae. The result is hilarious, smart, and, embarrassingly relatable. 

In real life, the up-and-coming actresses and are definitely more savvy than their disaster-prone, on-screen alter egos. After initially meeting in acting class, McQueen and Harris realized they had two things in common: A handful of disheartening auditions and a slew of catastrophic dates. 

“We were frustrated with the roles we were going out for, so we decided to create the roles we wanted to play,” McQueen explains. “Caitlin and I had so many hilarious dating stories, along with tons of my other girlfriends, and they were too good not to share! We knew ladies out there could relate.”

Binge on the episodes here (we highly suggest starting with “Too Competitive”)—and make sure to check their site every Tuesday for new episodes. The struggle is real.