recyclable k-cups by crazy cups

Okay, so we have a minor coffee addition…

by Christian Lavery

Yes, it’s true: we here at NYLON HQ consider ourselves coffee connoisseurs (after all, we do live in the Big Apple, where a good cup a joe is as essential as a monthly metro card). So as a result, it was only a matter of time until a Keurig brewing system arrived in our office kitchen -- and needless to say, complete chaos broke out. Before long, every last K-Cup was consumed, and images of caffeine-free working quarters popped into our head, thus, springing our search for the best, most enjoyable K-Cups one could (over) indulge in.

From each online site to the next, all the usual results appeared before us. But be it as it may, true to our identity, we wanted a variety of K-Cups that were a little different, a little under the radar, yet still packed a big enough punch to get us going day after day.

Based in Brooklyn, Crazy Cups caught our eye. Recently launching its first six flavors, the company’s distinctive selection provides options for coffee drinkers who like to keep it basic as well as those who enjoy a little adventure with every sip. Specially designed to provide 35% more coffee than the standard K-Cups check out the wide-ranging variety HERE. And because we all know how much java gets guzzled down a daily basis, Crazy Cups are recyclable, making your coffee addiction the only that you should feel bad about.