karen elson strikes a chord with her debut album.

by rebecca willa davis

Some girls have all the luck.

Take Karen Elson: The flame-haired Brit, whose life highlights include dominating fashion runways and nabbing Jack White, can’t look bad even if she tries. (And she’s tried—Steven Meisel once convinced her to shave off her eyebrows, and she still looked hot.)

Now she’s launching a solo music career, and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s clear that in addition to a killer face and amazing personality, she’s also got a great voice.

Just this week, she's released the title track from her upcoming album, The Ghost Who Walks. It’s ‘90s-alt rock with a twangy soul, the centerpiece being Elson’s crisp clear voice. It’s not quite exceptional, but it’s certainly lovely.

This isn’t the first time she’s taken to the stage; besides supplying backing vocals to a Robert Plant remix and teaming up with Cat Power on a Serge Gainsbourg cover, she’s also a leader of The Citizens Band. It also helps when your husband is a music whiz and record label owner (his Third Man Records is co-releasing The Ghost Who Walks this summer in conjunction with XL Recordings), though the guitar strums are all Elson.

You can see for yourself this month, when Elson performs in Austin and New York City. Don’t expect to be disappointed, though—even her falls have managed to be graceful.

Visit karenelson.com for more info.