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Reddit Asks: What Would Your ‘Hunger Games’ Strategy Be?

Hide Behind Katniss, Obv

by daniel barna

Since The Hunger Games saga is set to come to an end when Mockingjay Part 2 storms into theaters this November, it's our solemn duty to cram your feeds with anything and everything Panem while we still have the chance. That's why when we discovered the hilarious AskReddit thread that asks the question: "What would your Hunger Games strategy be?' we felt compelled to share it with you, our faithful readers. While our first impulse would be to find the nearest Shake Shack and wait it all out over a strawberry shortcake concrete (or ten), some clever Redditors got really inventive in crafting their survival strategies. These are our some of our favorites:

1. @Pablissimo: Walk around singing a song the Capitol TV company doesn't have rights to so they can't show you on camera (they wouldn't want you to die offscreen presumably, so maybe you'd be safe)?

2. @rikjames90: I use my bacon and egg cooking skills to disguise my self as a bacon and egg colored rock. With all the bullshit going on, nobody is going to stop and say "hey, that's a really cool bacon and egg colored rock. this killing is making me famished. I better take a f*cking bite"'

3. @FanFuckingFaptastic: Hide and eat as much as I can. Then everyday take a giant dump in as many water sources as I can find. Wait until e.coli takes hold of my opponents and finish them while they are weak. I call this strategy, Pooping in the Well. edit: Thanks for the gold. May your well remain poop free.

4. @friday6700: They pull your name out of the globe and you're just like "Oh, no thank you."

5. @x_stickman_x: I've got the perfect strategy. You just need to bring something like a pearl necklace in as your one item. As soon as the count down starts, tear it apart. You'll then start throwing the items (pearls in this case) at the other players feet. The mines will trigger, and the other people will die. Easiest way by far to win.

6. @Doctor_YOOOU: Befriend the blood monkeys, and become their master. Hide in their quadrant of the clock, then when their hour is on, use them to take the arena by storm.

7. @Medeaaa: Dig a hole, lie in it and cry. There's no way I'm winning anyway, might as well give up early on to save everyone some time.

8. @AndrewZee: I would drop my mixtape, resulting in a gigantic forest fire. Knowing that I am immune to the sound of my fire, I would be the only one left as the rest have become steak dinners.