Watch Rihanna and Drake Perform “Work” In Miami

That’s what happens when they “Work”

This morning, people all over Miami woke up to find their beloved American Airlines Arena nothing but a bubbling puddle of molten lava. That's what happens when Rihanna, in town for her Anti World Tour, brings Drake on stage to perform their steamy duet "Work." As we saw on the single's dual videos, the No. 1 song gets the two superstars all hot and bothered, and they can't help but grind on each other like they're buzzing hard at an all-ages nightclub and no one's watching. Except that everyone is.

This was the second time RiRi and Drizzy performed the song together, and although it didn't have all of the high-tech dazzle of their BRIT Awards performance, as you'll see in the video above, it didn't come close to needing it. Drake also posted his overall thoughts on the night on Instagram, and it makes total sense.