Rihanna Unlocked The Fourth ‘ANTidiaRy’ Album Tease

Any Day Now…

by daniel barna

Although we may be weeks away from the release of Rihanna's hugely anticipated eighth studio album ANTi, the singer has done her best to keep her NAVY satisfied until then. On Tuesday, RiRi took to Twitter to release the fourth installment of the ANTidiaRythe cryptic video series leading up to her album's official release. 

Anyone paying attention to the viral marketing campaign knows the math. Each week, Rihanna unlocks a room, with each one representing a different phase in her career. In every video, fans can pick up clues that will reveal more about her the ultra-secretive R8. The common perception is that ANTi represents the eight and final room. By this logic, we should have the album, which presumably will drop as a Tidal exclusive at first, some time in early January. 

Until then, watch Rihanna ride a tattooed, juggernaut of a man and brand his forehead as blue blood streams down his face. The wait continues...