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    start your day with riley keough, side braids, and new music from heartsrevolution!

    by · March 24, 2014

    photo by abbey drucker

    The Curator: Liza Darwin, Senior Web Editor
    The Look: Proenza Schouler Fall ’10 CampaignOK, it’s official: this year’s winter is never-ending. But rather than be all sad about still having to wait to finally wear my spring clothes, I’m trying to look on the bright side. Mostly, see the frigid weather as an opportunity to test out new styling tricks on my winter wardrobe. First up? Crazy printed pants, black sweaters, and knee socks a la Proenza Schouler fall ’10. Starring two of my favorite all-time models, Ann and Kirby Kenny (whatever happened to them, anyway?), these outfits make the cold weather slightly less depressing.
    The Face: Messy side braids, Alexander Wang Spring ’10This look may have been from four years ago, but the messy side braid is still just as relevant--not to mention--gorgeous today. For anyone who’s been skimping on haircuts and brushing, this flowy, imperfect plait is the answer to our prayers.
    The Inspiration: Riley Keough in Oct 07 NYLON
    There’s just something so dreamy about this photo of Riley Keough, back before she was a Miu Miu muse and cast in the new Mad Max movie. The up-and-coming actress (and granddaughter of Elvis, nbd) practically oozes the type of laid-back glamour that most people can only dream of...especially bright and early on a Monday. The News: Twitter might do away with @ symbols and hashtags.
    Because they’re reportedly driving away new users and are “arcane.” #Uhoh
    The Song: “Kiss” by HeartsRevolution
    The HeartsRevolution cool kids are gearing up to release their new album Ride or Die next month, and there’s really no better way to get pumped up than with their first single “Kiss.” The jam is a high-voltage dose of bubblegum pop with major kick--sort of like a sugary glass of lemonade swirled with pixie dust--and yeah, it’s addictive. Watch the neon-drenched video below!
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