So Rita Ora’s New Single Is Kind Of Great

There’s a reason it sounds like an Ed Sheeran song

The rap on Rita Ora is that she’s famous for being famous. She shows up at parties, gets photographed in elaborate outfits, and then vanishes into the ether, only to reappear again at the next place where there are camera flashes. It’s easy to forget then that Ora can actually sing. In fact, she’s got a pretty great voice. (We even put her on the cover of our magazine one time and called her a mad genius.)

So here to remind you is Ora herself, who just released her new single, “Your Song.” And guess what? It’s pretty good! The song is one of those minimalist bops that lets the beat build until it eventually erupts into a euphoric grand finale. Ora recruited her childhood buddy Ed Sheeran to co-write the pop track, and his fingerprints are all over it. This could have just as easily ended up on his last album. “‘Your Song’ has everything I wanted to express,” Ora said. “It’s a song that’s full of positivity and about feeling on top of the world, like everything is going right, and that’s where my life is right now.” The song, which is being called Ora’s comeback single, is kind of being ignored by the internet, which probably has more to do with Ora’s public persona than the music itself. Check it out below and thank us later.