Rixton Me and My Broken Heart

watch the one-take video for “me and my broken heart” here!

by liza darwin

Unless you've been living under really big rock (or actively avoiding good music), then hopefully by now you've already memorized the words to Rixton's irresistible single "Me and My Broken Heart." It's only been three weeks since the video for the addictive track debuted, but since then the Brit boys have amassed close to two million views and a massive fan army to show for it. Oh, and that whole "broken heart" thing?Let's just say it's doubtful these guys still have much of an issue.

It doesn't matter if you're listening for the first time or the hundredth--this is a pop anthem so good, just one video isn't enough. So the guys hit up YouTube Space in LA to record a one-take clip, shooting the entire thing in a consecutive sequence. Talk about pressure, right? Just take it from lead singer Jake Roche: "Shooting a video for “Me And My Broken Heart” in one take was insane! We had so much fun and can't believe we managed to pull it off," they told us. "We had to catch a flight and were down to the very last minute but the crew was awesome and made it all possible."

Check out the one-take video, shot by YouTube creator Kurt Hugo Schneider below, then listen to more Rixton here.