rizzo’s fine pizza

The best thin crust pizza you’ll come across…

by Christian Lavery

The year was 1959 when Rizzo’s opened its first pizza shop in Astoria, Queens. Since that inaugural year, a lot has changed. The company added two new locations, bolstered the menu, and well, a slice doesn’t exactly cost 35 cents anymore. But even despite these changes, the original Steinway Street mainstay that became an instant hit with anyone who walked in has managed to keep one important thing constant – the recipe.

Known for original thin Sicilian slices, Rizzo’s has slowly grown to be the go-to spot for thin crust pizza. Light, airy, and made with only the freshest of ingredients, every bite reinforces the fact that Rizzo’s is the only place you should be going for a slice – and you do realize that we live in New York City, right? None the less, you can’t go wrong with any appetizer or pie on the menu. From original garlic knots to a classic slice to any of their specialty creations like the “Americana,” you’re bound to find something that satisfies your taste buds. Even the desserts are amazing. Offering up homemade cannolis and Pizetta Nutella (which is a thin crust pizza for two topped with rich chocolate, hazelnut cream, dark chocolate chips, and confectioner’s sugar), we couldn’t have left more satisfied.

Lucky for us, we went with quite a large crowd for our first visit, and as a result, we got to try a little bit of everything. We were thoroughly impressed and there’s no better combination than good food and people. Our pals over at Basis, NY filmed the evening -- and combined with a few humble words from owner David Rizzo, you’ll probably be able to see why we fell in love with this place so quickly. Oh, and even though Mr. Rizzo would say “it’s not any better or any worse than anybody else” when talking about his pizza, we would have to disagree – respectfully, of course -- and argue that it is better…way better.

Watch the video below and check out even more of what went down at Rizzo’s HERE. But more importantly, swing by any of Rizzo’s three locations when you can, and if you’re a first time customer, be sure to take part in the establishment’s tradition and get a square slice on the house -- you won’t regret it.