RKCB’s “Alone, With You” Is What Music Videos Should Be

They did that!

If you're going to do anything these days, do the most. For Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, the duo behind RKCB, that means combining three music videos into one mini-film. "Alone, With You" is the result, and it's a prime example of the benefits doing the most can yield.

"'Alone, With You' is a visual representation of three defining moments in a relationship," RKCB tells us. "When we started visualizing the video, we were watching dance videos online and were so inspired by how diversely these artists interpreted our songs; so we decided to tell the story from a dance-orientated point of view in order to capture a more visceral and primal side of our music." The two enlisted Cue the Bird, another duo, to bring their ideas to life. "We wanted to stitch together a larger narrative from these three songs as a sort of visual EP, to allow the audience to zoom out to see the arch of the full story: how it feels to be powerful, to be vulnerable, to be forgotten."

They nailed it. It's a stunning visual bursting with catharsis, color, and choreography that's at once sensual and carnal before quieting down for its final tender moments.