Robyn Released A New Song And Video Called The Hardest Thing To Do

sort of

A new Robyn song is cause for celebration, even when it's not exactly a new Robyn song. The Swedish firebrand, along with Metronomy's Joseph Mount, have released the song and video for "The Hardest Thing To Do," written specifically for the Australian thriller Partisan. But they did it under the pseudonyms Tony Primo and Nixxie (guess who's who) and the video is a lo-fi crime story that comes with karaoke-style subtitles, so you can sing along to its chilly '80s-evoking melody.

The track also scored Partisan's gorgeous and menacing trailer, which features French star Vincent Cassel as cult leader with a tight grip on a young follower. You can watch that trailer below, and the video for "The Hardest Thing To Do" above.