music and lyrics are center stage at this art exhibit.

by liza darwin

You know that feeling you get when you hear your favorite song? It's hard to explain, but for that 3-minute time period, you're filled with elation, inspiration, and the belief that you can do pretty much anything.

Now a new New York exhibit is setting out to capture that inexplicable feeling on paper. "Songs" is a show that explores exactly that- the words, feelings, and impact that particular songs have on each individual. With a roster of over 50 artists, including Karen O. and Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, guitarist Mike Bones, and music photographer Mick Rock, this is a subject they definitely know a thing or two about.

The exhibit opens on Saturday, but get a sneak preview of our favorite works below. Each of these personal pieces is guaranteed to inspire you to turn on the music and belt out the words... whether or not you're a rock star in real life.

February 5-26th at NYC's Fuse Gallery.

By Nick Zinner.

By Mick Rock.

By Penry J.

By Karen O.

By Ross Goldstein.

By Cheryl Dunn.

By Ivy Blackshire.