Lena Dunham, Lil Jon + Fred Armisen Are Rocking The Vote

with a seriously awesome video.

In case you don't already have your calendar marked, November 4 marks the 2014 Midterm Elections. With voter registration deadlines looming, your favorite celebrities are here to remind you that every ballot matters. So they teamed up with Rock The Vote to create the most awesome, mindblowing video of all time. Seriously.

After hanging up the most casual, everyday phone call with his "auntie" Whoopi Goldberg (yes, you read that right), Lil Jon goes to cast his vote. "Windows" and "walls" puns ensue, he meets Lena Dunham and Tracy Anderson, who are casting their vote together (because, duh, everyone in Hollywood votes with their celebrity fitness trainers), and tries to get some information about Season 4 of Girls, namely about how Ray and Shoshanna's relationship will play out. Dunham won't crack, disappointment results (we feel you LJ), but all is set right when Dunham autographs his ballot. 

Then OBVIOUSLY Lil Jon takes the podium and performs "Turn Down For What"—just about every celebrity you could ever hope for dances and shares why exactly they're "turning out" to vote. For Dunham—excuse us, Lil Lena—it's for reproductive rights, for OITNB star Natasha Lyonne, it's prision reform, for Sophia Bush, it's women's rights, and quite fittingly, for Lil Jon, it's the legalization of marijuana. So whatever your reason, be it voting rights, worker's rights, student loan debt, health care reform, animal cruelty, climate change, or just because you want to impress your friends (eh hem, Fred Armisen), make sure you turn out.