Rodarte Fashion Playlist

alexa chung’s step-by-step beauty routine, revealed!

by liza darwin

The Rodarte design sisters have compiled a self-described "Fashion Mix," featuring all of our favorites (Simon and Garfunkel, The Replacements, Nina Simone....). If this awesome playlist doesn't inspire you on a dreary Wednesday, then nothing will. (ShowStudio)

We've been fans of English songbird Anna Calvi for pretty much forever, so we're thrilled to see the talented singer showing off her vocal chops with none other than David Byrne. Watch the video for "Strange Weather," the title track off her forthcoming EP of cover tunes, below. (Stereogum)

Good idea or bad idea: Johnny Depp as Harry Houdini? Because according to rumors of a new movie, it's happening... (Vulture)

Rest in peace, Maya Angelou. You'll inspire us forever. (New York Times)

Because talking about Alexa Chung's makeup routine is something that is impossible to get tired of, see the total and complete breakdown of her process here. From her cat-eye flick to why she thinks trying to look perfect is uncool, get schooled in Alexa Chung Beauty 101. (Into The Gloss)

Dear Broods, please never stop making music videos for "Bridges." Not only is the New Zealand band's breakout song stuck firmly in our heads (not complaining!), but each clip is prettier than the last. (Music and Lyrics)