rolio by bluelounge

The portable way to dock your phone…

by Christian Lavery

Providing an effective solution to tangled chords and situations where your phone is left treacherously on the floor or a table to charge, Bluelounge created a $10 device known as the Rolio. Capable of turning a standard Apple Lightning charger into a portable wall-dock that props your phone upright and away from danger, the apparatus is easy to use and keeps excess cable slack in check. Just slide your charger in from the side, wrap the cable around the center spool, insert the USB, and plug it into the outlet and iPhone. For times when there’s no need to dock, the Rolio is still usable without the adapter. Buy one HERE, pop it into your pocket or bag, you’ll be ready to charge up whenever your burning through your battery life.

Rolio – Dock 'n' roll from Bluelounge on Vimeo.