roll call

a skate film festival hits LA.

by liza darwin

Between the crazy-fast pace, thumping music, and amazing tricks, skate videos are cool enough to convince almost anyone-even non-skateboarders- to attempt a half pipe.

From low-budget skate shop movies to 2005's Lords of Dogtown, these films have taken the sport from the underground to the mainstream.

But instead of just focusing on the athletes in front of the camera, the first-annual L.A. Skate Film Festival wants to place the skateboard filmmakers front and center.

People from all over the world submitted videos for categories including best skate shop video, international film, and documentary.

And now, the official selections will be shown at a two-day screening in downtown LA on August 31 and September 1, with an awards ceremony following on September 2.

Who cares if you're no Tony Hawk? After watching these films, you might just get inspired.

Check out the festival website for more information.