Roman Remains Animals

cause you’re an animal, baby…

by liza darwin

When Liela Moss of Roman Remains told us that her newest track "Animals" was the "little freak of the album" we knew it was going to be rad. But what we didn't expect is for the twisted, topsy-turvy single to be our jam of the whole weekend.

The singer and her bandmate Tony Butler (both of whom you might remember from The Duke Spirit) may have created the electro-inflected pop sound randomly from a mishmash of various beat patterns, but the spontaneous result totally works.

As Moss explained, "I am singing about what it is to create and not know what to expect. I was f***** with my own nerves, my own patience." It's an off-the-cuff attitude that prevails throughout the duo's entire album Zeal, out next week.

According to Moss, the vibe of the project is about rolling with the punches: "It's not negotiating with the rules of nature, but tumbling with what the universe throws at you. Backing off from the storm of attachment and bouncing into new territory. Who's coming with us?!" Count us in. Hop onboard with the band's newest single below, and get more Roman Remains here.