Photo courtesy of NBC.


Ronda Rousey Shows You How To Take On Bullies

her kick-ass $1’snl’ skit leaves little to the imagination

Not sure how to handle a bully? Take a cue from Ronda Rousey, the “weird new girl” in last night’s SNL sketch, “Love Struck”. The skit, which has shades of the horror classic Carrie and the not-so-horror-classic-but-still-classic Mean Girls, is, in the words of Gretchen Wieners, so fetch. (We can only guess that it takes place on a Wednesday, since the mean girls are in pink).

Dressed up for her date with the high school cool kid, Chad, the MMA fighter looks prim and pretty. But don’t let her fool you. When it’s revealed that Rousey has been set up by a Regina George-like mean girl (expertly played by Vanessa Bayer), she brings a—erm—no holds barred approach to the situation.

Although Rousey’s date is dressed in his letter jacket, the sketch shows us what an updated take on the Lindsay Lohan classic might look like. “At least the whole school isn’t watching this on Periscope,” Bayer says. “Oh wait, they are.” Mean Girls producers take note: Social media adds a whole new edge. Sequel, please?

Lest you think this is mere skit, think again. Ever a place of public service, SNL features a telling statistic: “1 in 5 bullies will be a victim of mixed martial arts. Don’t be a statistic.”

Watch Rousey’s feisty take on Cady Heron below.