room and board

hit the deck with the help of cara delevingne.

by rebecca willa davis

We're used to seeing Cara Delevingne's face on billboards. But starting this month you'll see it on skateboards as well.

The supermodel is one of five people tapped to design a deck that reflects what they consider to be the energy of New York (she's joined by the likes of Amar'e Stoudemire, graffiti legend Cope2, David LaChapelle, and fashion designer Zana Bayne). The project, dubbed W Room and Boards, is through W Hotels and Stoked.org (an organization that works with underserved kids through action sports).

Delevingne's take on the city? Lots of water, not too much clothing, and a red lipstick scribble. As she puts it, "I love this shot by Mert & Marcus, and I also love New York. And when I put the two together I realized it became a play on the classic slogan: 'I <3 NY'--perfect!"

The boards go for $500 each (with proceeds supporting Stoked.org), but if that's a little out of your skateboarder price range, you might want to consider springing for a print--those will set you back just $50. Check them out here.

Cara Delevingne's design

Zana Bayne's design

David LaChapelle's design

Cope2's design