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No, Rugrats Did Not Grow Up To Be Hipsters

stop trying to make them hipsters

Listen up, you Tumblr kids and BuzzFeed consumers: Tommy Pickles and his gang of rugrats didn't grow up to be one of your hipster friends. If you asked them to come to your Williamsburg flat and sip on hot toddies, they wouldn't show up in their Warby Parker glasses with a glass bottle of small-batch whiskey. Hell, they wouldn't even know where to go. Williamsburg isn't even on their radar.

You have an insatiable need to recreate things of your past. We get it. You thought that just because you witnessed Chuckie's big watermelon seed hallucinogenic-like breakdown, you were friends that would last for life. But that's not how the world works—and that's certainly not how 


storyboard artist Eric Molinsky intended for it to. 

In a piece that he wrote for 

Studio 360

, Molinsky said that various illustrated interpretations of what 

The Rugrats

would look like today are not only annoying, but severely inaccurate. "The Rugrats did not all grow up to be fashion models or self-confident hipsters. Especially not Chuckie," he wrote. "They probably grew up to be average, if not slightly lumpy-looking people—just like their parents." 

If the past five years are indicative of anything, it's that we as a society crave nostalgic items which we cannot have. And you can't have hipster Rugrats. Sorry, but this is actually what they would look like:

Art by Eric Molinsky

Art by Eric Molinsky