first look: rvca

start your day right with an rvca exclusive.

by steff yotka


new fall '13 lookbook is sure to cure your Monday blues. Starring one of our favorite models, Ashley Smith, the photos by Estevan Oriol showcase the effortlessly cool designs from the brand.

Don't skate or surf? Don't matter! The brand's heart may be on the swells or in the skateparks, but the designs are fit for a life of romping around your favorite city. To prove it, Smith ran around her favorite New York spots in the line, from her apartment and into bars.

If Smith looks like a natural in the RVCA line, it's because it's not her first time in front of the lens for the brand. She's modeled for numerous cookbooks in the past, and is actually designing her own capsule collection with them debuting later this year. We asked her about her tips to wear RVCA and her favorite ice cream, because we really like both.

What about RVCA is appealing to you?

The reasons I love working with RVCA are endless. First off, all the people behind the brand, especially co-founder Pat Tenore, are amazingly cool. All of the design crew, for men's and women's, are just so down to earth and have this effortless family vibe. Not to mention all the brand advocates! Some of my favorite advocates are Alex Knost and Makua Rothman. Makua took me surfing in Australia--it was my first time ever on a board and I caught my first wave! I feel like the clothing at RVCA perfectly reflects this effortless coolness that all the people behind the brand possess.

Can you tell us a little bit about the shoot locations?

The shoot locations for all the RVCA shoots I have done have been really cool. We even shot in my New York apartment. This last Monday I flew to Los Angeles to shoot with legendary photographer Estevan Oriol, and we shot in his studio and around this abandoned train track. Estevan is not your typical fashion photographer, he is actually known for his iconic Los Angeles images, shooting everything from gangs to Dr. Dre with the occasional fashion girl in between!

Do you have a favorite piece from the RVCA collection?

My favorite think that I am wearing from RVCA right now is the 

Dirham shorts

. They are so cute with the flowery lace at the bottom. Perfect for loungewear, the beach or doing a cute summer time look with a white lace top. I'm keeping my lips sealed about what my favorite things are from my capsule collection though, I have only just finished up my sketches so we have to wait a bit longer to get the samples in.

Do you do any surfing, skating, or snowboarding?

When I was younger--or at least before I started modeling--I would skate board! I can't say I was a professional, but I impressed a few of RVCA's skate advocates with my Ollie skills!

What's the best thing to do in RVCA's collection?

The best thing to do in RVCA's collection is take the 

Chilam button up shirts

and tie them at your waist like a '60s hippie! They're also perfect for over your bathing suit or for a night time look over your bra.

What's your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a kitty cat! They like to chill and take naps in the sun coming through the window. Cats are very independent, and also like to take little adventures climbing trees and chasing birds.

Do you have a go-to outfit in your wardrobe?

For me, especially during the summer or fall I love wearing either overalls or jumpers. It's effortless and fun for a Texas girl! Just throw on a RVCA advocate art work T-shirt and a pair of denim overall shorts or a daisy jumper. It's cute, can be easily dressed up for an evening look or easy to thrown off if your bathing suit is underneath and the beach is at your feet!

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla! I'm a classics kind of girl! In the East Village they have this amazing ice cream shop called Big Gay Ice Cream where I always go and get a vanilla cup with layers of crushed up vanilla wafers in it. It's the most delicious and irresistible thing on the face of the planet!