Ryan Gosling Birthday Movie Marathon

celebrate his birthday by spending the night with him… uh, sort of.

by steff yotka

Hey girl, are you looking for an apt way to celebrate Ryan Gosling's birthday? You know, other than using the Hey Girl app on every website while you tell yourself that any day now Ryan Gosling is going to find your fan site and email you asking to be BFFs forever? 

Well, here's how we're celebrating: by jumping on the couch and having a Ryan Gosling movie marathon with our guy and girl friends alike. (Fact: Everyone likes Ryan Gosling movies.) Whether you're in the mood for a rom-com like Crazy Stupid Love, a tearjerker like The Notebook, or some volatile action like in Drive, there's a Ryan Gosling movie for every mood. (Especially the I'm-in-love-with-Ryan-Gosling mood. All the movies are good for that one.)

Check out our recommendations for the best Gosling flicks to tune in to in the gallery. Oh yeah, and don't forget to top off your Gosling marathon with some old school Mickey Mouse Club clips, like the one below. You're going to want to forward to 1:30 and let the magic happen. 

Hey girl, are you into cars, sexual tension, and Carey Mulligan? Then you should watch Drive tonight.

Hey girl, maybe you'd rather check out Gosling in a suit--or nothing at all--in Crazy Stupid Love.

Hey girl, speaking of nothing at all, here's that Ryan Gosling shirtless pic you were hoping for courtesy of The Place Beyond the Pines.

Hey girl, if you're into moustached Ryan Gosling in an intarsia sweater, Lars and The Real Girl is the movie for you.

Hey girl, do you want to see Gosling head to Thailand and get in some horribly gruesome fights? Well then tune in for Only God Forgives.

Hey girl, cuddle up on your couch and cry while you watch Blue Valentine. Yeah, it really is that sad.

Hey girl, check out Gosling's skills in front of the classroom in Half Nelson.

Hey girl, you didn't think we could forget The Notebook did you?

Hey girl, everyone wins with old MMC clips.