Ryan Gosling Lost River

details on ryan gosling’s new movie? yes, please.

by liza darwin

The internet is suffering from a serious lack of Ryan Gosling photos these days, but don't worry--more will be coming your way very, very soon. Especially considering Gosling's new directing project Lost River is nearing release. Starring Christina Hendricks, Ben Mendelsohn, Eva Mendes, and a brunette Saoirse Ronan, the suspenseful flick will reportedly chronicle the rise, fall, and rejuvenation of a struggling city. It all sounds awesome, except for one little thing: Gosling will only be behind the camera. (The Playlist)

Even if you're physically unable to listen to "Let It Go" another time, you need to watch this horror recut of 


The Disney flick has been re-edited into a thrilled, and the result is pretty chilling (sorry, had to...). (



File this one under: totally awesome. The vinyl version of Jack White's new album 


will come stocked with holograms and hidden tracks! (



And the newest face of YSL's new fragrance is... Edie Campbell! Check out the Brit catwalker--who was recently named Model of the Year--in all of her kohl-rimmed gorgeous glory below. (



Warpaint's woozy harmonies and El-P's hip-hop background might seem like total opposites, but the two definitely attract in the new remix of "Keep It Healthy." But hey, don't take our word for it. Listen below! (



Thank you,


for answering the question we've all been wondering: where is the cast of 


now? (



While you're watching her "West Coast" video over and over, might as well brush up on Lana Del Rey's 


tracklist, too. According the singer, it's as follows: "Cruel World," "Shades of Cool," "Brooklyn Baby," "West Coast," "Sad Girl," "Pretty When You Cry," "Money Power Glory," "Fucked My Way To The Top,""Old Money," "The Other Woman," and bonus tracks "Black Beauty," "Guns and Roses," and "Florida Kilos."  (



We dare you to you listen to Ed Sheeran's new track for 

The Fault In Our Stars 

without reaching for the tissues. It's almost impossible to get through "All Of The Stars" without weeping...and we wouldn't have it any other way. (