Ryan Gosling Is Beaten, Broken, And Very Funny In “The Nice Guys” Trailer

oof, that’s gotta hurt.

Oh, poor Ryan Gosling. Just a couple of trailers into his return to film and he’s already having his arm broken by a grizzled Russell Crowe. That’s no way to treat a Gosling, Russ!

The trailer for Shane Black’s forthcoming The Nice Guys—which looks like a ‘70s comic take on a James Ellroy tale—only gets worse for Gosling from there. Next comes a profane child, a mystery, poorly executed gunplay, and, fair warning, a good deal of slapstick blood spatter. This is all to say The Nice Guys is already looking like Gosling’s funniest film since…well…come to think of it, outside of Crazy Stupid Love he doesn’t really do funny films, does he? Neither does Crowe for that matter. Oh, and Matt Bomer as the Big Bad? This is all very interesting.

The Nice Guys, hits theaters this coming May, which suddenly seems a very long time to wait.