ryan hemsworth in nylon guys

The Canadian DJ/producer is making his mark in the music scene. Here is discusses it all…

by Christian Lavery


Ryan Hemsworth

is undoubtedly the king of good vibes. His music and mixes transport you to new places, not to mention the fact that it is far too easy to continually play through his assortment of tracks without hitting the next button.


So while he continues to make his mark in the music scene, we sit down with the Canadian DJ/producer to talk. Read on below.

You studied Journalism at college in nova scotia—how did you end up in music?

I didn’t want to turn music into boring homework, so I chose to study journalism. This ended up allowing me to talk with musicians and learn more about the industry.

How would you characterize the tracks you create?

Genres don’t matter to me anymore—it’s just about capturing a mood and making other people feel it, or at least understand it.

What are your favorite types of events to DJ?

Small basements of clubs: 150-capacity rooms where you can look up and see people smiling and reacting. I don’t get much from huge EDM festivals; they feel more like competitions.

Who are some producers whose work you admire?

I’m inspired by producers who can take on any genre and who understand the importance of sound design, like Cornelius from Japan, Jacques Greene from Montreal, and Sophie from the U.K.

What artists are you listening to right now?

A.G. Cook of the Internet label PC Music does some really forward-thinking stuff. I also like these Scottish kids DJ Milktray and Inkke, and I can’t stop listening to Alex G on the label Orchid Tapes. Otherwise, I’m just crying to Lykke Li or old Brand New albums.

How would you describe your personal style?

Confused Kawaii goth grandpa.

How does your Casio G-Shock watch keep you on top of your game?

I use the watch’s timer function when I’m heating up my Alphagetti on the stove and the glow for when I’m drinking my Capri Sun in bed at night— not to mention it has proven to be quite resistant to Pizza Pop sauce!