ryan matthew cohn in nylon guys (behind the scenes)

The bone collector…

by Josh Madden

Ryan Matthew Cohn in NYLON Guys (behind the scenes)

Don't know if any of you have seen The Science Channel's Oddities, but that show is i-n-s-a-n-e. One of our favorite characters is Ryan Matthew Cohn, the bone and skull specialist at Obscura in the East Village, where the reality show is based. We took a trip to his home in Greenpoint, and were blown away - specimens in jars, shrunken heads, it was all there, and tons of it. When we asked how he got into this, uh, unique hobby, Ryan blames it on being "raised in the Catskills in Woodstock, New York, which afforded me plenty of opportunities to explore trails and find things that bears had chewed up." He says, "i used to find snake and squirrel skeletons all the time. When your kid starts bringing home animals and placing them under your bed, there's cause for alarm: 'Is my child going to become a serial killer or a doctor?" Glad you didn't become the killer, Ryan. Read more about him in this months issue of NYLON Guys!