Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images


this ryan reynolds interview took a turn for the strange

but in a fun way

by Mickey Stanley

We sat down with Ryan Reynolds ahead of his latest film, the psychological thriller Self/less—or Selfless depending on your commitment to the backslash—which hits theaters today and co-stars Ben Kingsley.

Self/less, directed by Tarsem Singh (who brought us the vaunted J. Lo vehicle The Cell), has underpinnings of Black Mirrors’ tech-paranoia and Looper’s confounding timeline. In our discussion, Reynolds talks wild scripts, the “disgusting” things that money can buy but shouldn’t, and, of course, Ben Kingsley’s penis. As it turns out, rapping about the size of a knighted Academy Award winner’s package is very much on the table for Reynolds, who is a spirited new father. Watch the full interview above.