Sad Robot I Want You Bad Music Video

“i want you bad”

Someone once said that great love spans all time and space. In the case for the couple in Sad Robot’s new video for “I Want You Bad,” off its latest album Aprés Moi, Le Déluge, it’s a decades-long affair. Over the course of five-and-a-half minutes, a couple races through six eras—even a futuristic one—to land in each other’s arms.

"'I Want You Bad' is one of our favorite songs off this album and rapidly becoming a fan favorite,” the band tells us over e-mail. “The song lyrically describes that raw and terrifying feeling of falling for someone. The desire to be with this person and yet the fear of fully letting yourself go…to give yourself completely to them. There is an underlying longing and a heartbreaking desire in 'I Want You Bad' that we really wanted to convey. Every song off this album is from a personal experience and this one definitely has a special memory. Most of these songs were rewritten and changed so much over the duration of the recording process, but this one seemed to stay closer to the original version than any of the other songs. It seemed fitting to keep it simple and sweet.”