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    make your monday drop dead gorgeous.

    by · May 19, 2014

    photographed by joshua jordan

    The Curator: Liza Darwin, Digital Editorial Editor
    The News: Sailor Moon hits Hulu!
    File this one under: totally awesome and definitely long overdue. The anime series has (finally) arrived on Hulu, in all its streaming, pigtailed glory. So if you’re wondering what we’ll be doing all week long, well, here’s your answer...The Look: Need Supply JumpsuitsBy now my insane collection of jumpsuits is a running joke at the NYLON offices--I have six already-- but I’m ready to add one more, courtesy of Need Supply. I’m obsessed with the cutouts, the flattering silhouettes, and the breezy summer vibe. Sorry not sorry?The Face: Glossy Red Lips a la NYLON 2000 A glossy bright red lip will never go out of style (see: every runway show ever), but there’s something awesome about rocking a surprisingly glamorous look today--sort of a big f*** you to Monday mornings in general. The Inspiration: Aerosmith’s “Crazy” VideoMondays are rough on everyone, but if there’s anything that can drag you out of bed it’s this video from Aerosmith. Starring Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone, the classic ’90s track not only is our morning anthem, but it serves up plenty of outfit ideas as well.
    The Song: “Cecilia” -- COINThis Simon and Garfunkel cover from our Band Crushes COIN will make your day instantly happy, I promise.
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