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    have a sweet, sweet fantasy tuesday

    by · May 27, 2014

    The Curator: Liz Riccardi, Digital Design Director

    The Look: Samantha Pleet’s “Arcadia” film

    It’s weird, but I actually love new york city in the summer when it gets super hot and clears out. It gives me an excuse to be lazy and I’m not the only one with sweaty hands. But let’s be real--I would trade places with one of these babes in a second. Released last year to showcase her spring/summer ’14 collection, the short film has an amazing Greek Goddess meets ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ vibe. I’m planning to live every weekend this summer like I’m lounging around a tropical paradise in amazing maxi dresses and cut out swimsuits.

    The News: In general I don’t get super mushy about animals, (okay, kittens) but it definitely bums me out to keep reading about the loss of habitat and extinction of wildlife species around the world. On the bright side, tons of new species are discovered every year! AND the International Institute for Species Exploration just released their annual top 10 list of new species. Hope to run into some of these guys while I’m chillin in Arcadia...

    The Face: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

    I’ve been using this face wash for years now. I can’t lie - I’ll occassionally be tempted by some new, bright, young product, but I ALWAYS come back to this. I have super sensitive combination skin and this is the only cleanser I’ve used that makes it feel really clean without any irritation.

    The Inspiration: PIE. I’m a huge supporter of all dessert trends-- donuts, cronuts, tiny cupcakes, huge cake name it. But I’m especially obsessed with pie (see my instagram for proof). I grew up eating my mom’s and although mine never tastes quite as’s still pretty delicious. I recently came across pompon cakes, a super cute bicycle cake stand in Japan, and am on a mission to create my own pie cart this summer!

    The Song: Mariah Carey’s “fantasy” has to be one of my all time favorite summer jams. If this song doesn’t make you want to rollerblade in a crop top and knee pads, then you probably hate fun

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