Listen To Santigold’s New Song, “Radio,” From The ‘Paper Towns’ Soundtrack

your summer anthem

by jenny lee

Santigold has just released a new song, and it is exactly what your summer was missing.

"Radio," part of the Paper Towns soundtrack, is a refreshing addition to your summer playlist, with a loud, percussive beat all the way through. It has the same playful synth and syncopated verses that Santigold is known for, and her anthemic voice makes the track infectious and guaranteed to make you want to stomp your feet. It feels like a loud and fearless declaration, perfect for the youthful themes in Paper Towns. While Santigold is reportedly preparing for an album due out later this year, "Radio" is a nice teaser.

Santigold is joined on the Paper Towns soundtrack by an impressive list of musical artists, including Grouplove, Vance Joy, and Vampire Weekend. If the movie is anything like the soundtrack, it'll blow everyone out of the water. And while we wait to find out, we'll just be blasting "Radio" everywhere we go.