santos-dumont racing glasses by cartier

The nicest shades to ever grace our face…

by Josh Madden

Every good super hero, any stellar villain, whether you're a playboy on your yacht or the biggest of rock stars--all of these individuals can be instantly recognized by their shades. We beg to differ with George Michael's, "Sometimes the clothes do not make the man" theory, simply for the fact that our friends at Cartier have created the specs that would instantly make anyone look uber-famous. The Santos-Dumont Racing glasses, named for the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, are beyond iconic. From the brushed ruthenium finish to the perforated leather accents, these babies are the very definition of luxury. The grey polarized lenses provide function while the flags etched into the side of the arms pay homage to the sport of racing. Check them out HERE and just be aware that if you put these shades on you're one step closer to that red convertible.