sarah hyland in nylon guys

TV, Indie Films and Big Screen Blockbusters too!!

by Christian Lavery

Sarah Hyland in NYLON Guys

Since the show's beginnings in 2009,

Sarah Hyland’s

portrayal of a ditzy, scatterbrained teenager on ABC’s

Modern Family

has been nothing short of perfect. So much so, that one would think she grew up in a picturesque suburban town (you know, white picket fences, freshly cut green lawns, the whole nine yards). But on page 30 of this month’s NYLON Guys, we found out from the 23-year old cutie herself that, well, that wasn’t exactly the case. Read on for some quotes on her upbringing, a few projects she's been involved in, and check out her outtakes from our shoot in the gallery above.

On growing up in New York’s East Village:

“It wasn’t exactly the safest place to grow up—we lived a block from Saint Mark’s Place, so sometimes there’d be needles down in the foyer you might slip on—but I thought that was just part of life.”

On her role as Natalie Dashkov in Vampire Academy:

“Natalie was really fun to play. She’s such a fly on the wall, so unassuming, and a loser—at best—with pimples and glasses and frizzy hair.”

-photos by Guy Lowndes