Sarah Silverman To Bernie Supporters: “You’re Being Ridiculous”

The DNC’s First Mic Drop Moment

The Democratic National Convention kicked off in Philadelphia yesterday amidst torrential rainfall. But the real storm was inside the arena, where so-called "Bernie or Bust" Democrats—die-hard supporters of Democratic primary runner-up Bernie Sanders—were a disruptive force during the day's events. Still smarting from their candidate's bruising loss to Hillary Clinton and spurred on by the controversial leak of 20,000 DNC emails, the hardcore Bernie supporters (aka the #NeverHillary crowd) spent much of the convention's first day trying to drown out the Clinton supporters. But Sarah Silverman wasn't having it. 

The actress and comedian took the stage as a Sanders supporter who was happily voting for Hillary Clinton, exemplifying the kind of party unity many democrats hoped would prevail during the convention. "Hillary is our Democratic nominee and I will proudly vote for her," Silverman said, before laying out why. "It's so inspiring, just a few years ago, she was a secretary, and now she's going to be President. I mean, c'mon. She's like the only person ever to be overqualified for a job—as the President."

But that proclamation was met with boos from those stubborn Bernie supporters, which caused a frustrated Silverman to surgically put them in their place. "To the 'Bernie or Bust' people, you're being ridiculous," Silverman said. It was a mic drop moment that just might set the tone for the rest of the week. And this couldn't hurt, either