Savannah Outen Boys Music Video - New Song 2015

can’t get enough of ‘em

"I have a handsome stranger to thank for inspiring this song,” Savannah Outen tells us. “We bumped into each other on the street and it was just one of those crazy moments where I couldn't get him out of my head and it reminded me you fall the hardest when you least expect it.”

Amen to that. Outen’s ode to unexpected romance is her debut single, “Boys.” It’s a shameless pop banger. Outen’s vocals—which have amassed quite the YouTube following—soar over the chorus and snare-drum line. It’s a promising sound and one that has Outen poised for success. Plus, the video features some stunning shots of downtown Los Angeles. Press play, turn it up, and get ready to play it over again because this is one track you’ll have on repeat all summer long.